People often ask how we got started with A to Z Horse Cookies. First off, A is for Apache, my horse and Z is for Zenne, Marie’s horse.

This is our story and we are pleased to share it with the world…

Zenne, Marie’s horse, is an older mare and still full of beans; she has not missed a meal in 23 years and sure gives her Auntie a holler when I walk by. She is the biggest fan of our two brands of horse cookies.

My horse Apache was the inspiration for these two unique brands of horse cookies. We don't call them horse treats because we had something far healthier in mind. They have a functionality all their own and stand alone in the marketplace.

Mr. Apache, unfortunately, lost an eye at 6 years old and developed TMJ and fractured two teeth. His vet said no more hard treats including carrots.

I was in animal health pharmaceutical sales some years back, and I asked my equine dentist about horse’s dental care. He explained that horses lose enamel, as we humans do, as they age and if not taken care of properly when they are young they can suffer repercussions later as their teeth age.

If you think about horses in the wild, they do not eat hard foods, they graze all day long on natural grasses, as our horses should… So! we set out to create a very healthy softer cookie with a purpose and meaning behind it!

Our cookies are softer - Wheat, Corn, Soy and Alfalfa free.

We are the first in the country to be able to say that they are LOW CARB, LOW SUGAR and we have the lab analysis including calories to show this. All our grains are grown in the USA and MADE IN THE USA! If you look on the side of our container, we have very easy simple ingredients that a 5 year old can understand. Simple easy…

The Original Flavor low sugar Molasses cookie can also be used as a pill popper with ease. You just put a pill in and give her a squeeze and down the hatch. Your horse never knew what went down. How many times have we stared at our traditional bran mash and said “Well, CA-CHING CA-CHING!” Dollars lost! Although, designed for all horses in mind, this is it’s true function and purpose.

The Blonde Bits of Health has Cinnamon in it and we all know that cinnamon is a great all natural anti-inflammatory. In recent studies, cinnamon has been shown to help with Insulin Resistance.


Both cookies are made with the finest human grade ingredients and yes, you can have a cookie with your best friend!

Please, take a nibble and and you will see what all the hoopla is about!!

Thank you letting us share our story with you and we know that you and your horse will enjoy these cookies for many years to come! Thank you for supporting A to Z Horse Cookies!