A to Z Horse Cookies

People often ask how we got started with A to Z Horse Cookies.
First off, A is for Apache, my horse and Z is for Zenne, Marie’s horse.


Horse Cookies - Original

The "Original Flavor" molasses cookie was inspired by our
desire to design a soft cookie that could easily be used as
a pill popper. This low in sugar, tasty molasses cookie has
become a favorite for horse owners that have a difficult
time medicating their horses.

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Horse Cookies - Blonde Bits of Health

The "Blonde Bits of Health" (Agave) soft cookie is a
nutritional treat that includes organic agave and
cinnamon, an all natural, anti-inflammatory ingredient
great for horses watching their sugar!

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Organic, All Natural & Human Grade

A to Z Horse Cookies were designed to be a softer, healthier cookie that is LOW SUGAR & LOW CARB. Our cookies are perfect for the mature horse or the youngster, and the lite molasses cookie is an excellent pill popper! We all have watched while our horse eats around the traditional bran mash method. A to Z Horse Cookies are easy to use, and your horse's meds will actually make it down with ease! The low sugar, low carb agave cookie with cinnamon is a favorite for anyone that has a horse with metabolic conditions. Please review our lab analysis. We are the first to provide horse owners with calories, carb, and sugar data. A to Z Horse Cookies are made in the USA, and we are proud to provide your best friends with a very unique brand of cookies. We use the finest human grade ingredients! Have a taste and see what all the hoopla is about. From A to Z Horse Cookies Kitchen and much love to all. Enjoy!