Who Loves Us

“Star Meadow Parody, aka Tango, has given so much joy to so many! I reward him with A to Z Cookies. The ‘Blonde Bits of Health’ are the most delicious cookies for my sweet Tango!!! (I have tasted them myself!) He loves the flavor, and the soft consistency is easy for him to enjoy! Also, I know I am doing what is best for his health by giving him low sugar treats!!! I am so grateful for this company! Thank you A to Z!!!” – Michelle

We Love Your Horse Cookies

Thank you, and thanks for the cool pen that lights up. We love your horse cookies and also give them to horse friends as gifts.

Victoria Campbell

Love the Treats and Customer Service

I received my most recent order today. Thank you for sending the pen…they write so smoothly! And thank you for wonderful prompt customer service. Not many companies have the turn around time of getting product sent out that you do. I appreciate it because my horses love the treats and I was down to rationing, with only 3 left this morning.

Karin B.

Appreciation and Praises

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate you. My Black Friday order arrived yesterday – incredibly fast across the country. And thank you for the pen! I sing your praises to all my horse friends.

Janet & Vellie

Buck Loves Them

“These are the ‘cookies’ that Buck loves.”

Deborah Jones-Allen

A Partner in Helping Leave the World a Better Place

Thank you for paying attention to environmental concerns and to making A to Z Cookies a partner in helping to leave the world a better place for our kids and grands. As a Norwex consultant, I also work to educate people about single use plastic and paper as well as harsh chemicals. Your plastic bags that hold the cookies are a great size for many other uses.

Vellie Greenfield

Amazing Horse Cookies

We appreciate you and your amazing horse cookies… and so does my horse, Hank!

Joanne Panizzera

My Horse and I Love Your Cookies

My horse and I still love your cookies and look forward to receiving them each month. AND, I was so happy to get another pen in yesterday’s delivered package. I love the pens when I get one and they are put to good use at the barn (and at home) – handy to have around for all the notes, reminders, etc. Thank you so much for that “extra” perk!

Melinda Koethe

Soft Cookies

“The A to Z cookies are the only soft cookies I’ve found that are suitable for hiding a pill and that my horse likes. Keep making the cookies! Thanks!”


Online Shopper

Causes Whinnies of Joy in the Barn

“I am a new rider but have always loved horses. A to Z Horse Cookies are so good that the horses I ride forgive me of my riding errors. Just the sight of an A to Z Horse Cookie causes Whinnies of joy in the barn. Thank you, for creating a simple healthy treat that my horse can hardly wait for.”

Luanne Cunningham
Medford, MA

Your cookies are delicious!

“My friend and I met you both at the Horse Expo in Pomona, CA in February. Your cookies are delicious! We share them with our horses…we love them too. Perhaps you remembered us: we were eating the cookies and trying to get passersby to eat them too! What is the price for the blonde cookies and what are the others that you carry? We look forward to hearing from you.”

Marsha S. Jolliff

What a wonderful product!!

“THANK YOU!!!!!! What a wonderful product!! I have 3 horses…
A 34-year-old with Cushing and expired teeth, a 25 yr old that had front teeth extracted after I adopted him, and a spicy 8 yr mare who is an “ easy keeper”….. your treats are PERFECT for all of them!!! Easy to break apart, give medications and so soft for sensitive mouths. None of these qualities would even matter is they didn’t LOVE them!
I just ordered 4 large boxes to be sure I don’t run out. I am so grateful.


Wonderful Reward

“A to Z Horse Cookies are so good that the horses in our barn almost jump the paddock fence to get to them. They make a wonderful reward for a hard working pony and we all love them!!”

Elaine Vogel
Melrose, MA

My horses loved them.

Hi. I tried to call but I think both our connections were bad. I had a sample of your horse cookies from the Roberts store in Woodside. My horses loved them. Thanks!

Carolyn Bland

Absolutely Delectable Treats

“A to Z cookies are an absolutely delectable treats that provide a crumbling crunchy surface, and a slightly softer but equally savory inside. A treat to share a special moment or reward your companion with! This amazing vegan friendly goodie is an excuse for some well deserved stall bonding time and is delicious enough to eat yourself.”

Allison Phillips
Williamsport, PA

A to Z Cookies are the holy grail of horse cookies!

“A to Z Cookies are the holy grail of horse cookies! I am proud to admit, I eat more of them than I feed to the horses. These are the perfect barn snack. They are made of human grade ingredients and far superior to any other horse cookie I have tried, and I have tried several. Oh yeah, the horses love them too! Come on, try one, you will love them.”

Susan Miller
Portola Valley, CA

My horse loves them

“I bought your blonde cookies at the Webb Ranch (Portola Valley) Christmas party. My horse loves them. Unfortunately, I lost the card that was attached. I was wondering if, since you appear to be local, I could pick some up from you or could you tell me if they are available at any retail outlets near the barn.”

Mary Woodward

She proceeded to devour the cookie…

“We had a container of A to Z Horse Cookies on our kitchen counter containing the dark Horse cookies that looked appetizing. I read your cookie label that indicates that you use human grade ingredients, so I took a couple of the cookies out, ate one and offered one small piece of the second cookie to my little 4 lb. Yorkshire Terrier, Twinky. She proceeded to devour the cookie, and carefully guarded the remaining crumbs! I heartily suggest that, in addition to your A to Z Horse Cookie line, also make a line of dog cookies for large dogs and the pint-sized ones, too!”

Cynthia Sloan
San Mateo, CA

I would like to order as many cookies as I can get.

“My 31 yo MFT gelding loves these! He will actually follow me around after getting cookies (secretly stuffed with pills) and he has never done that for any food or treat. Usually you are human and too far beneath me to acknowledge you exist type of horse. I would like to order as many cookies as I can get. At least 20-30 pounds.”

Deb Bowker

They are amazing

“My best friend Tina met you at Pet Club or Pets Mart can’t remember the exact store (sorry). Well she came by my work with a complimentary 2lb container of Blond Bits of Health. I tried one & they are amazing. Both my OTTB’s loved them.”

Chris Sherman
Francisco Eqine, Inc. Belmont, CA

Oh My Goodness, Thank you!

“Oh My Goodness, Thank you!! My horse loves them and I love that they are healthy and low sugar!! I will place some in the Tack Room with ordering information. I’m sure my fellow riders will love them as much as I do!!! Much appreciated.”


Love em!

“A friend of mine moved here from San Diego and introduced me to them! Love em! It would be nice to see Sierra Feed and Saddlery (in Reno) sell them!”

Victoria Fuchs

wonderful endeavor to provide healthful snacks for our horses

“So glad the website is up and fully functional. Have been meaning to place an order for awhile now. Jesse and Mirandus LOVE the cookies that my sister, Sue Miller, sent to us. What a wonderful endeavor to provide healthful snacks for our horses instead of the junk snacks that have no nutritional value. Thanks for all your hard work getting these to market!! Congratulations and best wishes on this endeavor.”

Constance Phillips
Williamsport, PA

These cookies are THE BEST!!!!

“These cookies are THE BEST!!!! Had three Tweens go to barn today with each given cookies to feed to our two horses. The girls who have never been around horses before were amazed at how soft horses muzzles are and how gently but eagerly the horses gobbled up the cookies. Lip smacking good they are!! Keep on baking!!”


As an equine veterinarian, I absolutely love A to Z Horse Cookies

As an equine veterinarian, I absolutely love A to Z Horse Cookies. I carry around a jar in my truck and despite the heat, they NEVER lose their soft texture and fresh smell. These cookies are the perfect treat for horses of all ages, especially the geriatric horses with poor teeth. A To Z Horse Cookies are always easy to chew and delicious. Even my Insulin Resistant patients can safely enjoy a Blond Bits of Health Cookie! Thank you!

Melissa D. Orr
D.V.M. Monrovia, CA

I love that they are healthy and low sugar!

I bought some cookies from a lady at a tack sale in the woodside horse park

Oh My Goodness, Thank you!! My horse loves them and I love that they are healthy and low sugar!! I will place some in the Tack Room with ordering information. I’m sure my fellow riders will love them as much as I do!!!


My vet, gave me a sample…

“I haven’t received it yet. My vet, Melissa Orr, gave me a sample. My horse is 30 years old and I am happy to have a soft cookie to give him. She and I were discussing how well the cookies last and stay soft. I am very happy with your cookies and so is Buddy, my horse!”

Sandy Bryant

My Horse Loves Them

“Just ordered two containers of these cookies. I bought my first pail while on a road trip and my horse loves them! He has Cushings and has to take meds every day. I love hiding them in the cookies and he that way I know for sure he has had his pills. I was stingy with them but now that I ordered two pails, my other young horse will love them too. Thanks so much!”

Carol (Baron and Tari)

Cheyenne snarfed it down

“My horse is notoriously bad about taking medication. Karen Shaw gave me one of your cookies to try and it worked like a charm – Cheyenne snarfed it down, pill and all!”

Suzanne Landon
Fremont, CA

They are my absolute favorite!

“I cannot wait!! They are my absolute favorite! I met you, or two ladies, at Western horse supply in Pleasanton unloading your treats. I am so happy to support a local family business. I live in AZ in the winters, so I will be gifting the cookies to my trainers there. Pretty soon you’ll have a following at my barn there! Keep up the great work. If you want to send some cards out I’d be happy to spread them around. Even my 2 legged daughter likes them!! We tried your recommendation with honey!! Haha! I love knowing what I’m feeding to my horse is good enough and healthy enough to feed my child.”

Thank you again!

Chelsea Cain

Good Alternative to Other Treats

“My horse developed Cushions and I find your amazing cookies are a good alternative to other treats… and he will eat them. Other products made for horses with these maladies, he refuses!

LOVE your fabulous products!!!! My horse loves them too!!!! Thank you also for the surprise “freebies” included in each shipment! You are amazing and thanks again!!!!

PS Jet sends big sloppy horse kisses.”

Janet Erickson
Rio Rancho, NM

Thank you so much!

“Thank you so much! I found your cookies at a local store and my horses love them. They both have cushings and arthritis so they also help me feed meds so well!”


Recommended for Horses with Cushings

“I always recommend your cookies for people who have horses with cushings. The cookies are the perfect consistency for adding the small pills and the horses love them. I have had several owners who have tried every other kind of cooking and grain and the horse would not eat their meds. But with your cookie they do, so it makes my life easier!!! We don’t have alot of clinics here but I do alot of talking on line and have already referred your cookies at least 5 times recently. If you wanted to drop off samples for me to hand to out new boarders that want to try them that would be great!”

Gina Kindscher

In Love with Them

“I won a bucket of these horse cookies a few months ago at my local tack store and fell in love with them. Not only does my horse absolutely go crazy over them, I don’t have guilt with feeding him something packed with sugar! My horse is the pickiest horse I have ever met and sometimes questions receiving carrots and apples because they could have pills or meds in them. No longer an issue with A to Z’s cookies because the pill could sit right on top of the cookie and he would still eat it and the cookies are so fresh and wonderful that they break apart allowing you to put things like meds and pills in them and squish them back together without your horse suspecting a thing! My horse’s number one choice as-well as mine!”


She loves their cookies!

“I got a box of cookies for my horse with EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome). Due to her condition she was the only horse who never got any cookies after rides. And then I found A to Z Horse Cookies. She loves their cookies! She would do everything for a cookie from A to Z!!! It’s great treat and great reward. Not only are the cookies great! Their customer service is amazing too! A shipping company delivered the package by mistake to a wrong address so I contacted Cheryl and she immediately re-sent the cookies. It was not their fault, but they just want to have happy customers with happy horses. The shipping company finally fixed the problem and I got the original package, so I got two! Cheryl, Thank you so much for the great cookies and the way you take care of your customers.”



“I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing an awesome job. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.”



“I stumbled on these treats when stopping into my local feed store and you were there promoting. The reason I was there was for a smaller syringe to administer liquid antibiotics to my mare because she was not having it orally or by hiding in her food. After explaining my struggle, Cheryl sent me home with a few samples and that very night I was able to get a full dose in her using these soft treats! Thank you so much Cheryl, without your generous giving, I would likely still be struggling in getting her the antibiotics! The very next morning, back to the feed store I went to purchase the largest container of cookies and no problems since! My horses love them!! Yummy, soft in the teeth, nutritional and the go-to-trick if you have a difficulty giving meds!!!”


Danny appreciates your healthy treats

“Little Danny appreciates your healthy treats. No, he adores them. Appreciates isn’t a big enough response!”


Can’t Wait

“Thanks so much for the horse cookies. You are very creative and I love the story behind the cookies. Your horses are so lucky to have you. Can’t wait to start feeding them to our patients.”

Nicola Pusteria

Cookie Monsters

“Good Morning Cheryl, I want to thank you for creating a monster with my horses, after feeding Bentley and Roy a couple of cookies they are now climbing out their stall windows to get treats. They love both flavors. Thanks Again!”

Troy Stansbury

Morale Boost

“My name is Rachel Reece and I’m from Greensboro, North Carolina. I just wanted to send y’all an email telling you how much my horse loves y’alls products! I figure most people only take the time to email when there’s something negative to say rather than when they have a positive experience. This past August my horse sustained a freak pasture incident which we were uncertain if he’d even recover from. He spent five months on stall rest after undergoing a fair extensive surgery to his left hind. During those months of stall rest I used your products as a “morale” boost! Specifically the Blonde Bits of Health – Agave flavor. He adored them and I felt so much better giving him something that wasn’t as bad for him as some of the other treats on the market. It was the first time we tried your treats and WOW are we now loyalists!! He’s now made a full recovery and slowly coming back to being into full work! We really really love your horse treats and hope you guys continue to grow and flourish in the equine treat business. I’ve made sure to recommend to all my friends! Thank you so much for creating such a healthy and yummy horse treat!”

Rachel & Chance

Absolute Barn Favorite

I bought A to Z Cookies at Western Saddlery in Pleasanton, CA. I acquired my horse through the owner’s sister, and then I found out that your company is local so of course I have to support a fellow bay area business! I brought them out to the barn that I have my horse in training with and shared a few treats with the horses there. Hands-down an absolute barn favorite and I love the fact that you have low carb/low sugar cookies. So now he gets one each day in his feed mix.”


Above and Beyond

“Good evening, Cheryl, I just wanted to thank you for your email letting me know part of my order would be delayed and to also say thank you for the 2 small containers of Agave cookies that were included with the order that did ship. It was very generous of you to send those and I appreciate the personal note that was included. You’ve really gone above and beyond, just the little freebies that are normally included are so kind of you to send, much less sending the samplers that you did. I love your products and I’m so glad they are low sugar while still being as delectable as they are. My boys LOVE these and I can feel good feeding them knowing I’m not overloading them with sugar they don’t need. Thank you for your generosity, wonderful product and considerate communication.”


Great Level of Customer Service

“You have made my day. Your level of customer service is impeccable and I greatly appreciate both of your responses. I’m also happy to hear this cookie will be ok to give my little filly. She’s HYPP NH and symptomatic so I have to be extremely careful with what I give her, hence my caution and reason for my email.”


Perfect for Vitamins

“My best friend has EPM and your cookies are the only way he will take Vitamin E. A human friend recently saw your ad in a magazine and gave him a jar for Christmas. Thank you for a great product. And customer service.”


Great for Training

“Just a note: we love your treats and use them for everything from rewards to giving medicine and training our younger/feisty ones. I had the chance to meet most of your team at Mary’s tack and am almost done with the 20 lb bucket! We do a lot of cutting and I notice other people are starting to ask about your treats – always happy to spread the word!”


Trance Inducing

“My horse goes into a trance when he eats one of your cookies.”

Michele Clement
Juice Plus, Walnut Creek, CA

My horse LOVES these cookies

“My horse LOVES these cookies. The rich flavor and soft texture have made them an instant hit with every horse and human we’ve given one to. Yes, that’s right: people like them, too. “Mom, the horse needs a cookie,” says my 23 year old son — and then pulls out an extra one for himself!”


Soft Treats

“Good morning, I received your samples of treats yesterday (Tuesday). I gave them the Blonde Bits of Health – they loved them !!! I can’t thank you enough for making such a soft treat. I’ve been feeding low calorie Stud Muffins; they are fine and somewhat soft, but nothing compared to yours. A to Z treats is what I’ll be buying from now on ! Again, thank you and have a Bless Day ! PS…. Love the cute little jars the samples came is. You cannot have enough storage in a tack room!”


Smarty is Happy

“Smarty is happy, because the “Blonde Bits of Health” is the only soft horse cookie that he is not allergic to, no molasses, no corn, no alfalfa, it’s a dream come true for him. Both my horses say they are delicious! I am so happy to have found these. “



“I am a new rider but have always loved horses. A to Z Horse Cookies are so good that the horses I ride forgive me of my riding errors. Just the sight of an A to Z Horse Cookie causes Whinnies of joy in the barn. Thank you, for creating a simple healthy treat that my horse can hardly wait for.”

Luanne Cunningham
Medford, MA